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Welcome to Journey Jive Holidays Pvt Ltd, your top choice for unique travel experiences and life-changing journeys! As a top travel agency, we are committed to creating extraordinary vacations that satisfy the particular tastes and goals of our discerning customers.


Tourist visiting at Wat Khua Khrae in Chiang rai, Thailand.
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Calling all adventurous women! Take a trip you’ll never forget with one of our special experiences designed just for women. Create lifelong relationships, interact with like-minded adventurers, and immerse yourself in various cultures. Guaranteed to provide unparalleled fun, safety, and empowerment. As we plan your ideal adventures, you may explore the world with assurance. Let the sisterhood of travel inspire your wanderlust by joining us today!

Join us as we take you on amazing family trips! Discover a world of happiness and excitement as we design the ideal vacation for your loved ones. Make enduring experiences with your family by visiting intriguing places and engaging in family-friendly activities. Let us organise the fantasy getaway you’ve always wanted to take!

Experience the ultimate in wellness renewal! Take a transformative trip to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. We provide carefully planned experiences to invigorate and rejuvenate your senses, ranging from tranquil spa retreats to energising outdoor adventures. Take advantage of wellness like never before, then come home renewed and reenergized. Plan your restorative getaway right away!

Set sail on an exciting cruise! Explore captivating locations while sailing across beautiful waterways, and enjoy the onboard luxury amenities. Our carefully crafted cruise packages guarantee an exceptional voyage full of treasured experiences, whether you’re looking for exhilarating thrills or peaceful leisure. Create the seaside getaway of your dreams by setting sail with us.

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